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Research Summary: Resilience and At-risk Children and Youth
This NCHE publication provides an overview of research on resilience as it relates to counteracting risk in at-risk children and youth, including children and youth experiencing homelessness. The concept of resilience has received increased attention recently in a growing body of literature that has reported not only the psychological and academic impacts of homelessness, but also has highlighted ways to strengthen the resilience of children and youth experiencing homelessness.
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Other Resources

Academic Risk and Resilience in the Context of Homelessness
This article from Child Development Perspectives examines academic risk and resilience among homeless and highly mobile children, with the authors finding thatalthough these children share many risk factors with other disadvantaged children, they are higher on an underlying continuum of risk. They also observe marked variability among children who experience homelessness, both in risk level and achievement, with many children manifesting resilience. Authors discuss implications for research and efforts to address disparities in achievement
Download Academic Risk and Resilience in the Context of Homelessness.
Resilience: Strengthening Relationships, Fostering Hope
This brief from Project HOPE discusses what families, schools, and community programs can do to foster resilience among at-risk children and youth.
Download Resilience: Strengthening Relationships, Fostering Hope.
Risk and Resilience in Homeless Children
This report from the University of Minnesota’s Children, Youth, and Family Consortium examines interventions that may help mitigate risk and build resilience in children experiencing homelessness.
Download Risk and Resilience in Homeless Children.