Reading On The Go!


Reading on the Go! is a two-volume project that explores reading instruction for students experiencing high mobility as a result of high poverty.

Volume 1: Students Who Are Highly Mobile and Reading Instruction

Volume 1 reviews the characteristics of highly mobile students and provides a literature review of reading instruction, with a focus on the research on reading and high poverty in an effort to help practitioners better understand the needs of highly mobile students and inform their selection and structure of programs by making research-based decisions.

Complete manuscript (Vol 1)
Title and table of contents
Executive summary
Chapter 1 – Reading and Highly Mobile Students
Chapter 2 – General Educational Support Systems for Highly Mobile Students
Chapter 3 – Theory and Research in Reading Instruction
Chapter 4 – Characteristics of Effective Schools and Classrooms in the Teaching of Reading
Chapter 5 – The Components of Language and Reading Instruction
Chapter 6 – Concluding Thoughts

Volume 2: A Handbook of Resources

Volume 2 discusses the implementation of reading programs. Volume 2 is based on the literature reviewed in Volume 1 but was also shaped by the voice of practitioners captured through focus groups and site visits. Volume 2 focuses on supplemental instruction and children experiencing homelessness in preschool and elementary grades.

Complete manuscript (Vol 2)
References and Resources