Homeless Education in the News


Here you’ll find recent articles regarding homeless education.

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Title: I hid my homelessness in high school. My counselor helped me speak out.
Source: The Seattle Times
Date of publication: 12/12/18
Date posted: 12/7/18

Title: Trying Not To Break Down: A Homeless Teen Navigates Middle School
Source: National Public Radio (NPR)
Date of publication: 10/09/18
Date posted: 10/12/18

Title: For 40,000 homeless students, it’s back-to-school season in Washington
Source: The Seattle Times
Date of publication: 9/10/18
Date posted: 9/12/18

Title: The hidden problem of homelessness on college campuses
Source: CBS News
Date of publication: 6/30/18
Date posted: 7/02/18

Title: Why are schools in Sacramento seeing more homeless kids?
Source: The Sacramento Bee
Date of publication: 4/17/18
Date posted: 5/31/18

Title: CISD: Homeless students in district double after Harvey
Source: The Houston Chronicle
Date of publication: 4/06/18
Date posted: 5/29/18

Title: Beating the odds: How Spokane Public Schools is getting homeless kids to graduate high school
Source: Inlander (Spokane, WA)
Date of publication: 4/26/18
Date posted: 5/02/18

Title: Opinion: 1.3 million students are homeless. Here’s how we can help them
Source: PBS Newshour
Date of publication: 3/06/18
Date posted: 4/17/18

Title: Michigan schoolchildren facing high rates of homelessness 
Source: The University Record (The University of Michigan)
Date of publication: 4/05/18
Date posted: 4/06/18

Title: The hidden crisis on college campuses: 36 percent of students don’t have enough to eat 
Source: The Washington Post
Date of publication: 4/03/18
Date posted: 4/03/18

Title: WMU’s Foundation Scholars program brings hope to homeless students 
Source: mLive (Michigan)
Date of publication: 2/02/18
Date posted: 2/05/18

Title: Williamson Co. Director Of Schools Talks About Life As Homeless Youth 
Source: News Channel 5 (Tennessee)
Date of publication: 1/30/18
Date posted: 2/01/18

Title: News 13 Investigates: More homeless students in WNC 
Source: ABC News 13 (Western North Carolina)
Date of publication: 1/11/18
Date posted: 1/24/18

Title: North Las Vegas student defies homelessness, earns scholarship 
Source: The Las Vegas Review-Journal
Date of publication: 1/22/18
Date posted: 1/24/18

Title: It’s Hard to Study if You’re Hungry 
Source: The New York Times
Date of publication: 1/14/18
Date posted: 1/18/18

Title: How One District Cut Student Homelessness by 25 Percent 
Source: Education Weekly
Date of publication: 1/10/18
Date posted: 1/18/18

Title: 1 in 10 young adults has been homeless over the past year, survey finds 
Source: The Washington Post
Date of publication: 12/31/17
Date posted: 1/2/18

Title: No Longer Homeless, but Still Struggling in School 
Source: The New York Times
Date of publication: 12/11/17
Date posted: 1/2/18