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Title: In Boston, fight to end homelessness moves from street corner to classroom
Source: The Christian Science Monitor
Date of publication: 12/06/17
Date posted: 12/08/17

Title: Students struggle with homelessness, hunger at North Carolina colleges
Source: WRAL (Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville, NC)
Date of publication: 11/21/17
Date posted: 11/22/17

Title: Tumwater school to house families in need
Source: The Olympian (Washington state)
Date of publication: 8/26/17
Date posted: 9/11/17

Title: 1 in 7 New York City Elementary Students Will Be Homeless, Report Says
Source: The New York Times
Date of publication: 8/15/17
Date posted: 8/24/17

Title: Up to 14% of community college students are homeless, new study says 
Source: USA Today College
Date of publication: 6/30/17
Date posted: 7/13/17

Title: 1 in 5 L.A. community college students is homeless, survey finds 
Source: The Los Angeles Times
Date of publication: 6/29/17
Date posted: 7/13/17

Title: San Jose: Huge surge in homeless Silicon Valley youth 
Source: The Mercury News
Date of publication: 6/30/17
Date posted: 7/10/17

Title: Homeless college students a growing concern on campuses 
Source: msn news
Date of publication: 6/25/17
Date posted: 6/26/17

Title: How one student turned her struggles with homelessness into a crusade
Source: USA Today College
Date of publication: 4/27/17
Date posted: 4/28/17

Title: The disturbing trend of homeless community college students
Source: The Washington Post
Date of publication: 3/15/17
Date posted: 3/16/17 

Title: The Number Of Hungry And Homeless Students Rises Along With College Costs
Source: NPR
Date of publication: 2/08/17
Date posted: 2/24/17


Title: These are the faces of America’s growing youth homeless population
Source: The Washington Post
Date of publication: 6/17/16
Date posted: 6/17/16 

Title: With Homeless Students on the Rise, Will New Education Law Help
Source: U.S. News & World Report
Date of publication: 6/13/16
Date posted: 6/20/16 

Title: As The Number Of Homeless Students Soars, How Schools Can Serve Them Better
Source: NPR
Date of publication: 6/13/16
Date posted: 6/20/16 

Title: Where Nearly Half of Pupils Are Homeless, School Aims to Be Teacher, Therapist, Even Santa
Source: The New York Times
Date of publication: 6/06/16
Date posted: 6/20/16 

Title: The hidden homeless: families in the suburbs
Source: The Seattle Times
Date of publication: 4/20/16
Date posted: 4/28/16 

Title: Nearly 200 homeless kids waiting for spot in state’s preschool program
Source: The Seattle Times
Date of publication: 3/07/16
Date posted: 3/07/16 

Title: A hidden world: Desperation for hundreds of homeless families in D.C. motels
Source: The Washington Post
Date of publication: 1/28/16
Date posted: 4/28/16


Title: Tens of Thousands of College Students Have Nowhere to Sleep
Source: Rolling Stone
Date of publication: 12/22/15
Date posted: 12/23/15 

Title: He’s a college senior with a 3.4 GPA – and he’s homeless
Source: MLive (Michigan)
Date of publication: 12/19/15
Date posted: 12/21/15 

Title: Hungry, Homeless and in College
Source: The New York Times
Date of publication: 12/04/15
Date posted: 12/08/15 

Title: The Secret Lives of Homeless Students
Source: Bright: Innovation in Education
Date of publication: 5/05/15
Date posted: 5/08/15 

Title: SAHH opens on-campus student food shelf
Source: City College News (Minneapolis)
Date of publication: 4/14/15
Date posted: 4/22/15


Title: There’s No Place Like A Dorm Room For The Holidays
Source: National Public Radio (NPR)
Date of publication: 12/15/14
Date posted: 12/16/14 

Title: Homeless years have ended on a high note for Massaponax High grad
Source: The Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg, VA)
Date of publication: 10/30/14
Date posted: 11/03/14 

Title: Young, Gifted, and Homeless (cover story)
Source: Sports Illustrated
Date of publication: 10/15/14
Date posted: 10/15/14 

Title: Homeless students increase by 58 percent in past six years
Source: Education By The Numbers
Date of publication: September 2014
Date posted: 9/30/14 

Title: Student homelessness hits another record high
Source: CNN Money
Date of publication: 9/22/14
Date posted: 9/30/14 

Title: Just Asking: Anacostia High valedictorian on going from a homeless shelter to Georgetown
Source: The Washington Post
Date of publication: 6/06/14
Date posted: 6/06/14 

Title: Homeless teen named valedictorian: ‘Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something’
Source: The Today Show
Date of publication: 5/27/14
Date posted: 5/28/14 

Title: 8 years old and homeless: In D.C., there are hundreds of children just like Relisha
Source: The Washington Post
Date of publication: 3/31/14
Date posted: 4/02/14 

Title: A Homeless Teen Finds Solace In A Teacher And A Recording
Source: NPR
Date of publication: 3/07/14
Date posted: 3/26/14


Title: Homeless college students seek shelter during breaks 
Source: CNN Money
Date of publication: 12/10/13
Date posted: 12/11/13

Title: Invisible Child – Girl in the Shadows: Dasani’s Homeless Life
Source: New York Times
Date of publication: 12/09/13
Date posted: 12/11/13

Title: Schools Still See Surges in Homeless Students
Source: Education Week*
Date of publication: 11/05/13
Date posted: 11/15/13
*requires free online registration

Title: For Homeless Students, School Bus Ride Offers Sense of Stability
Source: KPLU (Seattle, WA)
Date of publication: 10/31/13
Date posted: 10/31/13

Title: Student homelessness hits record high
Source: CNN Money
Date of publication: 10/24/13
Date posted: 10/30/13

Title: College campuses see rise in homeless students
Source: USA Today
Date of publication: 10/21/13
Date posted: 10/25/13

Title: The Young and the Homeless
Source: The Santa Barbara Independent
Date of publication: 8/05/13
Date posted: 8/07/13

Title: Waco ISD offers free rides to students, Los Angeles County wants to do the same*
Source: News Channel 25 (Waco, TX)
Date of publication: 5/22/13
*While this story does not refer specifically to homeless students, they will benefit from this new transportation option.
Date posted: 5/29/13

Title: Formerly homeless girl now on path to college graduation and success
Source: Eyewitness News 4 (Albuquerque, NM)
Date of publication: 4/22/13
Date posted: 4/23/13

Title: Number of homeless students rises, funding hits 10-year low
Source: The Topeka Capital-Journal
Date of publication: 1/20/13
Date posted: 1/22/13

Title: Child homelessness: Topeka sees increase in numbers
Source: The Topeka Capital-Journal
Date of publication: 1/19/13
Date posted: 1/22/13

Title: Poverty On College Campuses
Source: Loop21
Date of publication: 1/14/13
Date posted: 1/14/13

Title: For Poor, Leap to College Often Ends in a Hard Fall
Source: The New York Times
Date of publication: 12/22/12
Date posted: 1/02/13


Title: More attention, resources focusing on homeless college students as numbers rise
Source: The Palm Beach Post (Florida)
Date of publication: 12/1/12
Date posted: 12/3/12

Title: Record Number of Homeless Students Facing Adversity in the Classroom
Source: neatoday (National Education Association)
Date of publication: 11/28/12
Date posted: 12/3/12

Title: Homeless College Students Cope With Needing A Home Over Winter Break 
Source: wamu.org (American University Radio, Washington, D.C.)
Date of publication: 11/14/12
Date posted: 11/14/12

Title: Study: Homeless students in Minneapolis score lower in math, reading tests
Source: MPRNews.com (Minnesota Public Radio)
Date of publication: 10/30/12
Date posted: 11/06/12

Title: New Brief Updates Best Practices for Transporting Homeless Students
Source: School Transportation News (http://www.stnonline.com)
Date of publication: 11/02/12
Date posted: 11/06/12

Title: Mike Miles addresses advocates about DISD’s programs for homeless students
Source: Dallas Morning News
Date of publication: 10/04/12
Date posted: 10/08/12

Title: Sex trafficking in the USA hits close to home *
Source: USA Today
Date of publication: 9/27/12
Date posted: 10/01/12
* Unaccompanied homeless youth are especially vulnerable to be recruited for the sex trafficking industry.

Title: Latest report: More than 1 million U.S. students are homeless
Source: Orlando Sentinel
Date of publication: 6/28/12
Date posted: 7/02/12

Title: From scrubbing floors to Ivy League: Homeless student to go to dream college
Source: www.cnn.com
Date of publication: 6/08/12
Date posted: 6/11/12

Title: Invisible lives: School districts step in to aid homeless families
Source: El Paso Times
Date of publication: 5/06/12
Date posted: 5/09/12

Title: Schools work to help young homeless students
Source: Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal (Maine)
Date of publication: 4/22/12
Date posted: 4/23/12

Title: ED Program Helps Put Homeless Students on Right Track
Source: Homeroom: The Official Blog of the U.S. Department of Education
Date of publication: 3/20/12
Date posted: 3/23/12

Title: Homeless high school student hopes to use his experience to help others
Source: Bangor Daily News (Maine)
Date of publication: 2/13/12
Date posted: 2/13/12

Title: One Million Students Homeless
Source: Scholastic Administrator Magazine
Date of publication: February 2012
Date posted: 2/10/12

Title: Obama lauds formerly homeless teen at science fair
Source: MSNBC.com
Date of publication: 2/08/12
Date posted: 2/09/12

Title: Homeless Teen Could Win $100,000 Science Prize and New Future for Family
Source: abc NEWS
Date of publication: 1/12/12
Date posted: 1/13/12


Title: Michigan’s homeless students: After School There Is No Home
Source: The Detroit Free Press
Date of publication: 12/18/11
Date posted: 12/19/11 

Title: School districts report upswing in homeless students as they struggle to offer stability
Source: The San Antonio Current
Date of publication: 11/22/11
Date posted: 11/30/11 

Title: For a Homeless Child, a Long Ride to 4th Grade
Source: The New York Times
Date of publication: 11/13/11
Date posted: 11/17/11 

Title: Sometimes, school is the student’s only address
Source: The Oregonian
Date of publication: 10/04/11
Date posted: 10/10/11 

Title: New numbers suggest thousands of Arizona homeless students
Source: Arizona Nightly News
Date of publication: 9/12/11
Date posted: 9/14/11 

Title: Caregivers Help Homeless Families Regain Independence
Source: Bloomingdale-Riverview Patch (Tampa Bay area, FL)
Date of publication: 9/06/11
Date posted: 9/23/11 

Title: Law designed to keep homeless kids in class
Source: The Quad-City Times (Davenport, IA)
Date of publication: 9/05/11
Date posted: 9/12/11 

Title: Student finds focus at SHHS, set to attend college on football scholarship 
Source: The Johnson City Press (Johnson City, TN)
Date of publication: 7/01/11
Date posted: 7/11/11 

Title: Homelessness rises among Minnesota families
Source: KARE 11 (Minneapolis/St. Paul)
Date of publication: 5/06/11
Date posted: 5/13/11 

Title: Homeless, but Finding Sanctuary at School 
Source: The New York Times
Date of publication: 5/01/11
Date posted: 5/06/11 

Title: Hart to Heart: Georgia’s homeless children and their moms need our help 
Source: Savannah Morning News
Date of publication: 3/13/11
Date posted: 3/24/11 

Title: Homeless Children: The Hard Times Generation 
Source: 60 Minutes (CBS)
Date of publication: 3/06/11
Date posted: 3/07/11 

Title: To determine funding, Durham to count the homeless 
Source: The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC)
Date of publication: 1/25/11
Date posted: 1/26/11 

Title: Homeless – and going to college 
Source: The Star Tribune (Minneapolis/St. Paul)
Date of publication: 12/28/10
Date posted: 1/03/11 

Title: The plight of the high school homeless 
Source: The Washington Post
Date of publication: 12/27/10
Date posted: 1/03/11


Title: No place to go City seeing more homeless teens 
Source: Amarillo Globe News
Date of publication: 11/28/10
Date added: 11/30/10 

Title: With Many Listening, Homeless Teens Lay Out Their Struggle
Source: The Washington Post
Date of publication: 11/22/10
Date added: 12/08/10 

Title: With Many Listening, Homeless Teens Lay Out Their Struggle
Source: Kitsap Sun (Washington state)
Date of publication: 11/17/10
Date added: 11/22/10 

Title: Home Away from Home?: County group looking to establish homeless shelter for teenagers
Source: Janesville Messenger (Wisconsin)
Date of publication: 10/17/10
Date added: 10/21/10 

Title: Generation Homeless: The New Faces of an Old Problem
Source: AolNews
Date of publication: 10/19/10
Date added: 10/19/10 

Title: Families represent fastest growing homeless group in RI
Source: WRNI (Rhode Island’s NPR)
Date of publication: 10/06/10
Date added: 10/08/10 

Title: Homeless in SAISD: Problem Hidden from View
Source: San Angelo Standard-Times
Date of publication: 10/02/10
Date added: 10/05/10 

Title: Students raised in foster care to get priority housing at California universities
Source: The Los Angeles Times
Date of publication: 8/02/10
Date added: 10/04/10 

Title: Helping the Homeless In School and Out
Source: Teaching Tolerance (Southern Poverty Law Center)
Date of publication: Fall 2010
Date added: 9/17/10 

Title: Number of Families in Shelters Rises
Source: The New York Times
Date of publication: 9/11/10
Date added: 9/23/10 

Title: Economy leaves kids without a home: School system sees rise in rates of homeless students
Source: The Chesterfield Observer (Virginia)
Date of publication: 9/01/10
Date added: 9/01/10 

Title: Number Of Homeless Students Increasing Rapidly Across State
Source: KAKE abc10 (Kansas)
Date of publication: 8/23/10
Date added: 9/01/10 

Title: More children homeless in Delaware: Lack of stability increases risk of failure in school
Source: The News Journal (Delaware)
Date of publication: 8/08/10
Date added: 8/25/10 

Title: More children have no place to call home: Homeless students a widespread concern
Source: The Lawrence Journal-World
Date of publication: 8/22/10
Date added: 8/23/10 

Title: Stimulus money helps homeless schoolchildren
Source: YAHOO! News
Date of publication: 8/8/10
Date added: 8/9/10 

Title: Schools report surge in homeless students
Source: USA Today
Date of publication: 7/31/10
Date added: 12/08/10 

Title: College Students Hide Hunger, Homelessness
Source: NPR
Date of publication: 7/27/10
Date added: 7/27/10 

Title: Homeless to higher education 
Source: The Denver Post
Date of publication: 6/24/10
Date added: 1/07/11 

Title: Hope for hungry students at UCLA
Source: Los Angeles Times
Date of publication: 6/14/10
Date added: 7/22/10 

Title: 10 Percent of District’s Students Are Homeless
Source: NBC San Diego
Date of publication: 5/25/10
Date added: 5/27/10 

Title: Vista’s Homeless Student Population Skyrockets
Source: KPBS San Diego
Date of publication: 5/24/10
Date added: 5/27/10 

Title: Many Santa Fe students battle homelessness too
Source: Silver City Sun-News
Date of publication: 4/19/10
Date added: 4/30/10 

Title: Districts confront jump in homeless students
Source: The Detroit Free Press
Date of publication: 4/18/10
Date added: 4/23/10 

Title: Washtenaw County program receives school supplies from Feed the Children
Source: annarbor.com
Date of publication: 3/04/10
Date added: 3/08/10 

Title: Rising tide of suburban homeless across U.S.
Source: MSNBC.com
Date of publication: 2/16/10
Date added: 2/17/10 

Title: School Districts Scramble to Help Homeless Students
Source: Education Week (Requires free subscription to website)
Date of publication: 2/03/10
Date added: 2/04/10 

Title: For young homeless, many challenges, few resources (hyperlink no longer active)
Source: The Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul)
Date of publication: 1/01/10
Date added: 1/04/10 

Title: More students homeless in Contra Costa County, Bay Area, state
Source: Contra Costa Times (San Francisco Bay Area)
Date of publication: 1/01/10
Date added: 1/04/10 


Title: Address Unknown
Source: NEAToday Magazine (National Education Association)
Date of publication: January 2010
Date added: 12/21/09 

Title: Homeless students in Roanoke City on the rise
Source: WDBJ7 (Roanoke, VA)
Date of publication: 12/10/09
Date added: 12/10/09 

Title: City, Suburban Kids Struggle With Homelessness
Source: WCCO (CBS, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN)
Date of publication: 12/07/09
Date added: 12/09/09 

Title: For Runaways, Sex Buys Survival
Source: The New York Times
Date of publication: 10/26/09
Date added: 10/28/09 

Title: Recession Drives Surge in Youth Runaways
Source: The New York Times
Date of publication: 10/25/2009
Date added: 10/28/09 

Title: Youth Homelessness in Today’s Tough Economy
Source: The Exchange: News from FYSB and the Youth Services Field
Date of publication: June 2009
Date added: 9/18/09 

Title: Surge in Homeless Pupils Strains Schools
Source: The New York Times
Date of publication: 9/06/09
Date added: 9/08/09 

Title: Growing number of Valley students now homeless (includes article and video resources)
Source: abc15.com (KNXV-TV; Phoenix, AZ)
Date of publication: 6/30/09
Date added: 7/01/09 

Title: Homeless in the Suburbs
Source: Parenting Magazine
Date of publication: June 2009
Date added: 6/29/09 

Title: Homeless teen shares her story (includes article and video resources)
Source: Minneapolis Public Radio 
Date of publication: 6/11/09
Date added: 6/11/09 

Title: How a kid goes from homeless to high school graduate
Source: The Daily Herald (suburban Chicago)
Date of publication: 6/9/09
Date added: 6/9/09 

Title: A+ for effort: Feet on the streets, nose in the books
Source: The Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St.Paul)
Date of publication: 6/9/09
Date added: 6/9/09 

Title: Losing Homes And Ending Childhoods
Source: CBS News
Date of publication: 5/21/09/09
Date added: 9/25/09 

Title: Schools Cope With More Homeless Students
Source: PBS: The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
Date of publication: 3/31/09
Date added: 4/01/09 

Title: Recession Through the Eyes of the Children
Source: abcNEWS
Date of publication: 3/18/09
Date added: 3/24/09 

Title: Keeping Homeless Kids in School
Source: Time Magazine
Date of publication: 3/12/09
Date added: 3/12/09 

Title: As Jobs Vanish, Motel Rooms Become Home
Source: The New York Times
Date of publication: 3/10/09
Date added: 3/16/09 

Title: ‘Tidal wave’ of homeless students hits schools
Source: msnbc.com
Date of publication: 3/02/09
Date added: 3/02/09 

Title: For more students in Michigan, homelessness is a struggle
Source: The Detroit Free Press
Date of publication: 3/02/09
Date added: 3/02/09 

Title: Children of foreclosure falling behind in school
Source: CNN.com
Date of publication: 2/27/09
Date added: 2/27/09 

Title: More families move in together during housing crisis
Source: USA Today
Date of publication: 2/03/09
Date added: 2/12/09 

Title: 2008 foreclosure filings set record (includes state-by-state data)
Source: USA Today
Date of publication: 2/03/09
Date added: 2/12/09 

Title: US foreclosure filings up 81 percent in 2008
Source: YAHOO!news
Date of publication: 1/15/09
Date added: 1/15/09 


Title: In Tough Times, Ranks of Homeless Students Rising
Source: abcNEWS
Date of publication: 12/19/08
Date added: 1/05/09 

Title: Making education a priority for homeless students in Minneapolis
Source: Minnesota Public Radio
Date of publication: 11/17/08
Date added: 11/18/08 

Title: Student Privacy Spotlighted in Virginia
Source: The Washington Post
Date of publication: 9/27/08
Date added: 11/19/08 

Title: More people show up at homeless shelter: Center becomes probable barometer of flagging economy*
Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 
Date of publication: 11/02/08
Date added: 11/05/08 

Title: Schools get help in aiding homeless
Source:The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Date of publication: 8/21/08
Date added: 9/30/08

Title: The Youngest Victims Of Foreclosure: In Midst Of Mortgage Crisis, Kids Are Left In Limbo – But There’s Some Help Available (includes a video clip and a video transcript; news video begins after a brief commercial and news story)
Source: CBS Evening News
Date of publication: 4/23/08
Date added: 9/26/08

Title: ‘They have to have love, for God’s sake’
Source:The Muskegon Chronicle
Date of publication: 9/13/08
Date added: 9/24/08

Title: Hard Times Hitting Students and Schools
Source:The New York Times
Date of publication: 8/31/08
Date added: 9/03/08

Title: The Invisible Student
Source: Mpls.St.Paul Magazine
Date of publication: May 2008
Date added: 8/11/08

Title: Mortgage Crisis Hits 2 Million U.S. Children
Source: OneWorld
Date of publication: 7/08/08
Date added: 7/08/08

Title: Foreclosures’ financial strains take toll on kids
Source: USA Today
Date of publication: 7/08/08
Date added: 7/08/08

Title: Homeless School Children on Rise
Source: WCPN (NPR member station in northeast Ohio)
Date of publication: 4/15/08
Date added: 4/17/08

Title: Life on the Street Gets Tougher
Source: msnbc
Date of publication: 4/07/08
Date added: 4/08/08 


Title: Homeless children tell their stories: ‘My Own Four Walls’ documents young lives wanting a place to call home 
Source: The Christian Science Monitor
Date of publication: 5/24/07
Date added: 5/24/07

Title: Corona teen champions literacy at homeless shelter
Source: The Press Enterprise
Date of publication: 3/10/07
Date added: 3/15/07

Title: Reading, writing, and a roof overhead
Source: The Christian Science Monitor
Date of publication: 2/01/07
Date added: 2/09/07

Title: Homelessness Mounting Among Kids, Families
Source: The New Standard
Date of publication: 1/29/07
Date added: 1/31/07


Title: Schools to get full evacuee stipend 
Source: The Houston Chronicle
Date of publication: 8/21/06
Date added: 10/04/06

Title: School district plans residence for homeless students
Source: The St. Louis Dispatch
Date of publication: 6/28/06
Date added: 7/13/06

Title: More sought for displaced students
Source: The Houston Chronicle
Date of publication: 4/21/06
Date added: 10/04/06


Title: Learning to Study Out of a Suitcase: Foster Care Moves Disrupt Schooling
Source: The Washington Post
Date of publication: 6/17/05
Date added: 6/20/05

Title: For homeless, no place like school
Source: The Christian Science Monitor
Date of publication: 2/08/05
Date added: 2/15/05

Title: Making a place for homeless teens
Source: The Christian Science Monitor
Date of publication: 2/08/05
Date added: 2/15/05


Title: Schools that Shelter Homeless Kids
Source: Connect for Kids News Website
Date of publication: 11/01/04
Date added: 11/03/04

Title: Bouncing Among Shelters and Among City Schools
Source: The New York Times
Date of publication: 9/19/04
Note: This website requires free registration to articles.
Date added: 9/20/04

Title: Compliance Sought in Suffolk on Schooling for the Homeless
Source: The New York Times
Date of publication: 2/21/04
Note: This website requires free registration to access articles.
Date added: 9/20/04