Identifying Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness

NCHE Resources

Identifying Children and Youth in Homeless Situations 
This NCHE brief summarizes the key provisions of the McKinney-Vento Act related to the identification of children and youth experiencing homelessness, and provides an overview of implementation strategies at the state and local levels.
Download Identifying Children and Youth in Homeless Situations.
Potential Warning Signs of Homelessness
This NCHE printout summarizes signs to look for when determining if a student may be experiencing homelessness.
Download the Potential Warning Signs of Homelessness.

Sample Forms, Materials, and Policies

Checklist for Identifying Students Experiencing Homelessness
This quick-reference checklist from the Texas Homeless Education Office (THEO) shares basic strategies for schools and school districts to identify children and youth experiencing homelessness. It briefly explains the legal requirements for identification and how identifying homeless students can help school districts be more competitive for federal funds. The checklist is designed for ease of use and includes links to sample resources.
Download the Checklist for Identifying Students Experiencing Homelessnness.
Iowa Identification and Needs Assessment Form
This form may be used by schools to record pertinent information regarding children and youth identified as living in homeless situations. The form is useful in obtaining a cumulative count of the number of students identified, determining individual needs, maintaining student-level data, and generating summary reports of demographic data, characteristics, and needs of homeless children and youth.
Download the Iowa Identification and Needs Assessment Form.
Procedures for Identifying Homeless Students and Families
This form from Danville Public Schools lists the steps that should be taken in the district to ensure that McKinney-Vento students are identified and connected with needed services.
Download the Procedures for Identifying Homeless Students and Families form.