Distance Learning


Due to frequent moves, many students experiencing homelessness face regular educational disruption and the challenge of attempting to earn credit for work completed in multiple schools and districts. To address this challenge, states and districts are considering using distance learning to allow homeless students to earn credit. This approach is also being implemented within the field of migrant education. The resources listed below provide information on how K-12 educators are using distance learning to serve highly-mobile populations.


Evaluating Online Learning: Challenges and Strategies for Success

The U.S. Department of Education has released its first guide to evaluating K-12 online-learning programs. Online education is growing rapidly and school districts have been turning increasingly to online courses to fill a range of instructional and support needs. But methods for evaluating online education have failed to keep up with its swift growth, varying application, and complexity. This guide, prepared by WestEd, Inc., draws lessons from seven recent evaluations of online programs and instructional resources.
Download Evaluating Online Learning: Challenges and Strategies for Success.
National PASS Center (NPC)
NPC serves as a national clearinghouse and coordinating center for bringing PASS (Portable Assisted Study Sequence) courses into alignment with current academic learning standards. Located in western New York as part of the Geneseo Migrant Center, the NPC is charged with overseeing the development of academically rigorous yet accessible and cost-effective courses, providing support materials and trainings, and acting as a resource for information on program implementation, promising practices, and state contacts. The PASS program was created to serve migrant students but may be useful as a model for serving other highly-mobile students.
Visit the National PASS Center (NPC) website.
The University of Texas at Austin's UT High School
This website explores how the University of Texas at Austin is helping K-12 students surmount educational barriers, including education disruption due to high mobility, using distance education.
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