• Advancing Equity in Homeless Education

    Serving Students in Historically Underserved Populations

    A new NCHE brief.

  • Supporting LGBTQI+ Students Experiencing Homelessness

    Spotlight on ARP-HCY Funding for Implementation

    A new NCHE brief.

  • New Resources!

    A new research summary on the Educating Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness is on the Research Topics page.

    A brief on Partnering with School Social Workers is under the Collaboration dropdown of the Homeless Education Issue Briefs section of the Resources page.

    A brief on Leveraging Systems Navigators is under the Best Practices in Homeless Education dropdown of the Homeless Education Issue Briefs section of the Resources page.

  • Use of Funds Tip Sheet for Serving Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness with McKinney-Vento and the American Rescue Plan

    A new tip sheet from NCHE.

  • Providing Wraparound Services Under the American Rescue Plan Homeless Children and Youth Program

    A new brief from NCHE.

  • An Overview of ARP-HCY State Plans

    A new brief from NCHE.

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